The Internet is certainly one of the major phenomenon in Nepal today. In fact it is being universally recognized that as the Internet proliferates, so will E-Commerce and E-Governance and E-Business and other E-services. It is, therefore, in our National interest to boost the expansion of Internet Services in the Country. This will not only help our country to become a part of emerging global E-economy, but will also enable the citizens to avail of the benefits arising out of IT enabled services. ISPAN continue to progressively and proactively analyze and understand the issues and concerns of Internet Industry and address them through sharing of information and discussion from various platforms available. Some of the objectives we have targeted are:


  • Internet penetration in rural areas
  • Generate employment opportunities (directly/indirectly) through the use of ICTs.
  • Provide the Internet platform for the growth of IT/ IT enabled / software services as has been stated in Telecomm Policy 2061.
  • Turn around the losses of the ISP Industry, and make the Industry into a growth oriented profit making industry.
  • Promote, project and develop the interests of Internet Services Providers.
  • Proliferate convergence between voice and data to facilitate growth of Internet and IT enabled services for E-Commerce, E-Governance, Health care and Distance Education.
  • Collaborate and associate with related National and International Organizations for update on technologies and latest practices.
  • Legalization of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and tele-centers.

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