The Internet Service Providers’ Association of Nepal (ISPAN) is a nonprofit organization committed to advocate and support a healthy Internet industry in the country.

Press meet for issues of NEA pole rent increment.

Internet Service Providers’ Association Nepal

The Internet Service Providers’ Association of Nepal (ISPAN) was set up with a mission to develop and promote Internet for everyone. ISPAN has been initiating continuous dialogues with the Ministry of Information and Communication, Nepal Telecommunication Authority, Nepal Telecommunications. ISPAN is in the forefront of liaison with several Ministries and Departments for shortcomings in the License Conditions. ISPAN has been fighting and exercising the right to obtain timely and quality infrastructure and resources to enable High Quality Services to be delivered by the Internet Service licensees.

ISPAN continues its endeavor to take up various issues that affect the implementation of the ISP’s projects and monitor the policies related to Internet Industry through interaction with the Government, other Industry Associations and national / international bodies, etc.

Government  Policies

Spectrum Policy Amendment 2073, 2016 AD

Spectrum Policy Amendment of 2073 (2016 AD)

ICT Policy 2072, 2016 AD

ICT Policy of 2072 (2016 AD)

Broadband Policy 2071, 2015 AD

     Broadband Polciy of 2071 (2015 AD)

Telecommunication Policy 2004 AD

Telecommunication Policy of 2004 AD

TSC Issue Passed from Cabinet

TSC Issue Passed from Cabinet

नेपाल सरकारले दूरसंचार नियमावली नवौ संसोधन गरि घरायसी  इन्टरनेट सेवाका ग्राहकहरुको  लागि TSC सम्बन्धि समस्या समाधान गरेको छ | दूरसञ्चार नवौ संशोधन नियमावली...

Notice for TSC Implementation

Notice for TSC Implementation

"As per the policy of Nepal Government, 13% Telecommunication Service Charge on Internet Subscription will be added effective from Shrawan 1, 2076." TSC Implementaion Notice

ISPAN Press Meet

ISPAN Press Meet

May 9th, 2019, Kathmandu ISPAN Press Conference against Hike of Pole and OPGW Fiber Rent from Nepal Electricity Authority. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has decided to cut off the wires of cable TV and Internet service providers for failing to pay the dues for...

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